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​6 Reasons Why You Should Have Flowers in the Office

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Did you know that adding plants or flowers to your workplace can bring physical, psychological, mental and emotional benefits to you and your co-workers? Let’s take a closer look at the top 6 benefits of fresh flowers and plants in the workplace.

1.Flowers make office-decorating quicker, easier, and more affordable.

A fresh coat of paint to give your workplace a brighter and fresher look will require some funds and some downtime to let the paint dry. Order potted plants online and you can conveniently, quickly, and cost-effectively update the look of your office. In just a few hours, with very little effort, you and your colleagues can enjoy a fresher work environment.

2.Flowering plants can purify the air.

An investigation report submitted in 2009 to Horticulture Australia Ltd showed that potted plants can significantly reduce volatile organic compounds emitted by furniture and office equipments. Research has also shown that plants can reduce dust levels, lower noise levels, and stabilize humidity in a room. Experts suggest introducing 1 plant for every 3 employee that you have in the office.

A work environment with a cleaner air to breathe would suggest less employees getting sick which then translates to less absenteeism and better office productivity.

3.Plants and flowers can reduce anxiety and stress in the workplace.

A research conducted by University of Technology Sydney in 2010 found strong evidence supporting the benefits of plants in reducing stress in the office. The result of the study showed that workers who have plants in their offices have lower stress levels and felt lesser negative feelings than those with no plants. The participants reported that seeing fresh greens in their place of work relieved their attention fatigue and calmed their stress. What’s even more surprising is the fact that it only requires a single office plant to bring about this benefit.

4.Fresh flowers can improve concentration and memory.

Want your staff to commit fewer mistakes and complete tasks faster? Decorate the office with fresh flowers and plants. Several studies have shown that the presence and influence of nature can make people more attentive and receptive. A 2011 study confirmed Attention Restoration Theory that suggests fatigue can be prevented and concentration can be improved by looking at scenes of nature.

5.Beautiful flowers can boost creativity.

Numerous studies have proven that there’s more to indoor plants and flowers than their aesthetic value. Flowering plants can apparently grow creativity, too. Put a potted kalanchoe on your desk, right where you can see it, and experience the “creativity boost” yourself. If you are working from home, you’ve just got another reason to reward yourself with a bouquet delivery.

6.Flowers and plants can improve productivity.

It’s really hard to love Mondays but you can somehow make it bearable by making your office look pretty and inviting. The best way to do that is to display some fresh flowers or greens on your work desk. If you’re in a good mood while working, you have a higher chance of being more productive at work. Be a better worker and learn from Dr. Craig Knight research about the use of indoor plants in the office to boost well-being, increase happiness, generate creativity, and improve productivity.

It’s fun to know that businesses do not really need a team of the “smartest and the brightest” to grow and be successful. Some fresh greens and lovely blossoms in the workplace might be all that’s needed to get your team to think outside the box. Five pots of peace lily might be able to save your company from issues of employee absenteeism and tardiness. Introduce living foliage and eye-catching flowering plants in the workplace and the creative juices might start flowing.

Which plants and flowers are office-friendly? We recommend golden pothos, chrysanthemum, weeping fig, azalea, Chinese evergreen, English Ivy, African violet, snake plant, gerberas and peace lily. If you’re positioned in a windowless cubicle or you really do not have the time to give your plant or flower some TLC, we suggest getting the resilient Spider Plant or the ZeeZee (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) plant that handles neglect very well.

You can order flowers online and arrange a weekly or monthly delivery of fresh flowers and potted plants. You can get flower arrangements in decorative boxes for less than $60. Such is a practical choice because you it already comes with a box container that serves as a vase and you don’t have to do any trimming or arranging.