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Choose The Best Vase

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This is officially our first blog post and we are super excited about having the option do it so we hopefully can provide you with some fun, some excitement, and little bit of useful information about everything about flowers.

As this is our first post would like to possibly cover one of our most commonly asked questions when people actually come into the store to buy flowers and that is how do I choose the best possible flower vase for the flowers that I'm about to buy (or hoping to receive - lol).

Choosing the right vase for your flowers can make a significant difference both away they look and the longevity of the flowers so it's important you consider some information about to share before choosing the right and vase.

Think about you flowers

When you're out on the hunt for a new flower vase you must consider the types of flowers you want to put in the vase has flowers come in all sorts of shapes and all types of sizes. For example there's no point buying in buying a large flower vase if you have a preference to roses as the stems of roses are quite slim, therefore the flowers will look awkward sitting in a large vase.

It's also important to consider the vase and by that we mean that the stems of the flowers should never really be much longer than a few times longer that the top of the vase. Flowers like peonies for example prefer shorter and more stocky flower vases and will not sit comfortably in tall vases. This is due to the peony flowers generally having shorter stems than most other flowers when you receive them.

Choosing the best vase.

Choosing the wrong flower vase for flowers you receive can detrimental effect to the Longevity of the flowers so it's important to have a number of different size on hand for when you receive flowers.

Black bars on display here this is the perfect vase for short stemmed flowers, if the flowers receiver too long for this type of vase you may want to join them slightly so that they fit perfectly.

The tall skinny fast as you can see you are a perfect example of the types of containers you can put single flowers in with just a little bit of water.

It's also really important to consider fashion and aesthetics when it comes to vases as certain coloured flowers may not go with a certain colour of a vase. The vase that we often recommend the most is simply made from glass and it's clear that way to go we're just about any colour you can think of and any flour you can think of so ensure that you've got a number of different sizes of Glass vases in your home.

If you are feeling a little bit creative and you do have a number of vases in the home why not put yourself out there and try something different. Why not buy a bouquet of flowers yourself and try some of your own flour styling amongst vases that you have. Try to think about the colours of the flowers, the length of the flower stems and also what you were trying to achieve and also what room they go to go in in the house. Once you have come up with a bit of a plan it's important that you distribute the flowers into different groups that you feel will best suit each vase but to always keep them in water so as to not let them dehydrate.

Once you've got your groups of different flowers it's important that you cut the stems of each flower group to suit the father they are going in as there is no point in having a very long stemmed flowers sitting in a short vase. Please ensure that when you are cutting the stems of you flowers that you are very careful not to disturb the stem too much as you can crack the water veins that run up the stems and deliver freshwater to the flower petals. So it's strongly advised that when you are cutting the stems you use extremely sharp scissors comma cut at a 45 degree angle, and be very careful not to harm yourself. Once again we must remind you that you should keep the flowers that you are not working on it water.

Once you have cut the different stems on the different groups of flowers this is where the fun begins and you should start a rage in there the flowers in each vase. Before you at the flowers to the sizes please ensure that you had a little bit of water and also a half teaspoon of sugar. The sugar will help give the size nutrition and the water will stop the dehydrate. You should change the water every 2 days and store the flowers in a cool part of the home away from any sun in your home.

If you need any other tips when I give us a call would be more than happy to share that with you..