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The Perfect Flower Scent for Any Place

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Many people are fond of flowers not only because of its decorative purposes but also because of its fragrance that never fails to please our sense of smell. A flower’s fragrance works like magic, smelling it invokes emotions and sometimes even puts life to memories we have. There are over a thousand species of flowers, but which ones stand out in terms of scent?

Let’s find out!

In your living room

The scent of Gardenias brings out a feel of hospitality. It’s like when you smell the aroma, it just pushes you to be cordial to anyone you interact with. That is definitely one thing we need from flowers, something that would encourage us to connect with others! Gardenias on your coffee table in the living room are absolutely the loveliest welcome gesture for your visitors. Expect them to be more social once they smell some velvety white gardenias.

On your office desk

Your workplace needs to have a ball of energy and positivity rolling always. How about some pink Peonies? The refreshing scent of peonies can entice you to work more and give out a good performance. It’s always important to set boundaries between work and your personal life so you won’t get stressed-out. Peonies will do that for you. The gentle pink aura of peonies can pull you into an atmosphere of positivity of all sorts. It may even do the same thing for your colleagues. Tell them to put one on their desk too!

In the kitchen

It’s nice to have a sweet smelling aroma in the kitchen; however, it’s a no-no to put an overly fragrant odour because, well, it won’t help your cooking if you smell flowers instead of your favourite spices, right? For your kitchen counter, you can beautify it with flower with a subtle but sweet scent like Snapdragon flowers. The height, the colours and the scent are the ideal blooms in this kind of nurturing space. Snapdragons are a fine addition to the kitchen space because lively interiors always offer a kick to cook good food.