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Tips in Choosing Pink Wedding Flowers

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Pink flowers as wedding flowers? Great choice! Pink is such a romantic colour and it’s just so perfect for a celebration of love. There are hundreds of flowers in this lovely shade, too, so you won’t have a hard time finding pink blossoms to fit your wedding flower budget and your celebration’s theme.

To help you find the right pink flowers for your wedding, here are a few tips that you might want to consider.

A sweet baby pink hue goes well with blue flowers, violet ones and dark greens. Pale pink flowers when mixed with blooms in peach and plum colours make an elegant arrangement.

For an ultimate feminine bunch, you can go for an all-pink bridal bouquet while your bridesmaids hold a mini version of what you have. Pair blushing pink blossoms with white or cream flowers for a dreamy look. For some vintage glam, pick coral and gold as partners for your pink flowers.

If you’re after a sophisticated appeal, pair large blush pink peonies or dahlias with cream-coloured ones. Blush pink also looks classy when paired with taupe and olive as well as with wine and burgundy-tinted blossoms. Flowers that are available in deep burgundy shade include Asiatic lilies, spray roses, calla lilies, carnations, clematis, cymbidium orchids, dahlias, gladiolus, leucadendrons, oncidium orchids, and peonies.

Want to create a more dynamic and playful look? Mix bright fuchsia blooms with yellow and red flowers. A hot pink arrangement of ranunculus, roses, peonies and mini gladioli creates an eye-catching floral centerpiece or reception décor. Create a showy bridal bouquet by mixing pink poppies, yellow ranunculus, peonies, sweet peas and a king protea. Don’t hesitate to go for the darker and richer shades of pink like magenta and raspberry to come up with a truly show-stopping bouquet.

Planning a winter wedding? Your choice of pink flowers can still fit the season. Use soft pink hyacinths and lilies so your winter wedding won’t look cold.

Many modern-day brides pair their pinks with silver or gold. A pink and champagne colour palette in your reception tables will leave your guests smitten. Navy-gold-pink is an amazing trio that’s just so perfect for celebrating you and your man’s journey of love.

Red, pink and gold create a vibrant tablescape for a spring wedding while a pink and grey combo creates a romantic vintage wedding vibe. For a rustic, country-themed celebration of love, opt for hand-tied dusky pink flowers tied together with native blooms or wildflowers.

Complementing the beauty of the blushing bride, pink is a colour that suits just about any wedding theme. Whether you’re going for a summer beach wedding, a dreamy garden wedding, a vintage theme, or a contemporary black tie event, the pink shade will fit in. You can blend it with deep, jewel shades and metallics as well as with muted tones and bright hues.

In color psychology, pink conveys nurturing love. It calms the powerful passion of a red shade as it offers a gentler and more loving energy. Pink as the colour of your wedding flowers can create a mood of positivity, calmness, warmth, and love.

When choosing the variation of pink to use in your wedding, you can pick the one that best reflects your personality. Magenta, fuchsia, and hot pink are generally for non-conformists, go-getters and modern ladies who are passionate with life. Those who are not afraid to speak their minds and those who love adventure typically go for a bolder shade of pink.

Traditionalists, on the other hand, prefer the more muted shades of blush, orchid, salmon and soft pinks. Shy lovers and hopeless romantics commonly prefer the softer and more feminine shades of pink.

To avoid making this soft colour look shallow, weak, and too dreamy, pair it with rich, dark or more eye-catching tones. Ask your florist to bring some texture into your bouquet. Flowers fillers and greens can provide depth and texture to your wedding bouquet.

Pink flowers can look classy, graceful and pretty; they can likewise look hip, punchy, and chic. When planning for your pink wedding flowers, it would help if you can create a moodboard that you can share with your florist. This way, your florist can easily understand the look and feel that you want your pink flowers to exude. Also communicate your target budget and your flower variety preferences, if there are any.

Most blooms are available in this lovely shade so your florist shouldn’t have a hard time finding the right pink flowers for your celebration.